The Best Travel Adapters

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America may have invented electricity, but the differences in plugs and voltages across the world are the perfect storm of other countries evolving independently and thinking they can do better, so basically where we still are today. While its history may be fascinating, it’s a pain when traveling.

Thankfully, most modern devices are made to handle the entire range of voltages across the world (100V to 250V), so there’s rarely a need to buy a voltage converter unless you have an important device that only works at a specific voltage. Expensive devices like laptops also usually come with their own adapter that converts voltages.


Almost anything electric lists the voltages it works at on the product itself or its manual. Compare it with the country you’re going to make sure it'll work without any problems there.

What we look for
  • Works in at least 150 countries so you can plug it in anywhere
  • Accepts as many plugs as possible so you can plug a device from any country into it

Disagree? Know of another great option?

Whew Travel Adapter with Auto-Reset Fuse

Best all-in-one option with USB-C and auto-resetting fuse

Among the popular all-in-one cube style adapters, this is as close to perfect as it gets. The biggest selling point over other all-in-one adapters is it uses an auto-resetting fuse. These are still fairly new, and means no annoying fuse to replace and fiddle with. Important since not every country's electrical grid is that reliable.

Otherwise, USB wise it offers USB-C which is increasingly popular and charges quickly (2.4 amps per, as fast as it gets) and can handle lots of devices (5 amps total vs. a more typical 3 amps).

Whew Travel Adapter with Auto-Reset Fuse

Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

Easy-to-use, compact design with cheery colors

If you just need something simple, we love these cute color coded adapters that stack neatly like legos from Flight 001. It also comes with a color coded map to match the right plug to a country.

  • Accepts almost any type of plug
Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter

Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter

The most compact option when space is a priority

These fold flatter than any other adapter today which is always nice when traveling. A few small downsides: Quality is ok at best, usage is not as straightforward, and the compact design means heavy items may fall out when plugged in.

  • Accepts only two prong, no three prong
Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter

Bestek Grounded Plug Travel Adapter Set

Higher quality multi-piece set with grounding prongs

If you don't need to handle multiple country's plugs in a single trip, these are a good option. Compared to the all-in-one options, the separate adapters in this set are made to higher standards and will fit more snugly at the wall making it easier to plug heavier devices in.

  • Plugs have additional third grounding prongs for increased safety
  • Accepts almost any type of plug
Bestek Grounded Plug Travel Adapter Set

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