The Best Car Rental Apps

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Let's admit it: renting a car won't rank high on anyone's list when traveling, but it's kind of a must when going outside cities without Uber. Thankfully, these services make it easier and in some cases more fun. Who knows, maybe we'll miss renting cars and driving ourselves one day. When autonomous cars are the norm in 30 years, we could be the grumpy adults saying to children: "back in our day, we actually had to drive ourselves ☝️."

  • To track a car rental for price drops, use AutoSlash.
  • Make sure to specifically request automatic in regions like Europe and South America where manuals are common
  • It can often be cheaper to cab into downtown or a suburb and rent there instead of at the airport
  • If crossing borders, verify with where you're renting from about their border crossing policy along with the country you'd cross into

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Search all traditional car rental companies in one place (think Hertz, Avis, etc)

🌏 Available globally


The "Airbnb of cars": great for multi-day trips and unique cars

📍 Available in 2 countries and 10 cities


Great for on-demand, hourly car usage with convenient pick up/drop off

📍 Available in 14 cities


Popular India focused car rental company.

📍 Available in 1 country

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