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Tell us about your trip and in seconds receive a personalized checklist, packing list, tips, and more. No brain power needed.


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Thoughtful details that take the guesswork out of what’s important, when things need to be done, or when circumstances change.

Everything you need to know

Wanderium is backed by high quality, constantly updated data from hundreds of vetted sources.


Some of our available information

  • tickVisa requirements
  • tickPassport validity requirements
  • tickPassport blank page requirements
  • tickOnward proof requirements
  • tickLocal weather
  • tickAir quality
  • tickElevation
  • tickTimezone conversion
  • tickWall plugs and voltage
  • tickInternet speeds
  • tickVaccine requirements
  • tickMalaria risk
  • tickZika risk
  • tickYellow fever risk
  • tickCensorship
  • tickLanguages
  • tickDriving permit
  • tickRoad safety
  • tickCurrency conversion
  • tickTipping norms
  • tickTax free shopping
  • tickDaily cost
  • tickDress code
  • tickSafety advisory
  • tickForeigner friendly
  • tickFemale friendly
  • tickLGBT friendly

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What travelers are saying

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This really helped with the anxiety of trip planning.

— Chelsea Z.

I just got back from a trip and Wanderium was invaluable.

— Alex E.

I was impressed with all the information available! This is a great idea.

— Sarah B.

Common questions


Why are you in beta?

Because there’s still work to do and you might run into bugs, but it’s useful enough for many people. In return for helping test and provide feedback, all users can add unlimited trips during the beta and receive a special discount once we exit beta.


When will you exit beta?

Sometime in December 2019.


How much does it cost?

It’s completely free during beta. After the beta, there will be a Wanderium+ plan for frequent travelers that need more than 3 trips per year. See pricing for more details.


Who can use Wanderium?

Currently, Wanderium is only available to US citizens residing in the US. We expect to start supporting other countries in 2020.


Do you have an iOS or Android app?

Not yet. While Wanderium works great on your smartphone's browser, we plan to have native iOS and Android apps towards early 2020.

Help your city's visitors

We partner with governments and tourism boards around the world to ensure their visitors have the information they need to arrive prepared.

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