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The right app saves your time and attention for the actual traveling, not the painful drudgery in between. Magic at the touch of a button.

The Best Bike & Scooter Apps

5 recommendationspicks

Easily find a bike or scooter to take short distances at your destination, which is often faster than a car.

The Best Apps For Booking Tours & Activities

7 recommendationspicks

Easily find great activities and tours to book with these services, which offer a little something for everyone.

The Best Car Rental Apps

4 recommendationspicks

Easily find a car to drive at your destination. From hourly trips to a multi-day road trip, these services have you covered.

The Best City Guides

8 recommendationspicks

Let professional tastemakers help you figure out what to do on your trip.

The Best Language Learning Apps

5 recommendationspicks

Find the best apps that help you easily learn a language through a variety of proven methods.

The Best Apps For Local Reviews

6 recommendationspicks

Use the wisdom of the crowds to figure out the best places to eat, drink, or check out. Some effort required.

The Best Luggage Storage Apps

1 recommendationpick

Find somewhere to store your luggage when you can't access your accommodations yet.

The Best General Map Apps

5 recommendationspicks

Get around your destination easily with these map apps, with some specialized for activities like driving or certain countries.

The Best Outdoor Activity Maps

2 recommendationspicks

Get outside when traveling. Find the best places in any city to run, bike, or hike.

The Best Public Transit Apps

3 recommendationspicks

Easily decode your destination's public transit system, which are often overwhelming at first.

The Best Ride Hailing Apps

14 recommendationspicks

Find a ride with the touch of a button at your destination, which often have local apps that focus on that area.

The Best Translator Apps

3 recommendationspicks

Translate easily between spoken and written languages with these apps, with some even good for conversations.

The Best Travel Credit Cards

3 recommendationspicks

Minimize your fees and maximize your benefits with lounges, better insurance, and more when spending on traveling.

The Best Travel Friendly Debit Cards

2 recommendationspicks

Minimize ATM fees and get the best exchange rates with the right debit card.

The Best VPNs

2 recommendationspicks

Secure your internet activity and unblock apps from home while you travel.

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