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We believe in the power of traveling. How it shifts our perspective and questions our assumptions. It's one of the best (and most fun) ways to make the world a better place.

But traveling today means an overwhelming amount of information to wade through and figure out, all spread across dozens of places. We’re here to fix that.

Our mission is make traveling easier than ever before, so you can spend all that time and energy on more important things.

Our values


Not the most nor the newest, just the best. 4 great options instead of 20 mediocre ones. Think of us like that friend with great taste whose recommendations you trust wholeheartedly.


More substance in less words. We think most people would rather just be told the answer than dig through 10 paragraphs or 5 pages of reviews for it. Time is valuable.


For all its benefits, travel also has its problems: overtourism, high carbon emissions, plastic overuse, and more. We'll bring focus to ways you can travel more responsibly.

The team

Wanderium is built by a small but dedicated team, including its founder @jobosapien. He thought there should be a better way to travel after living in 25+ countries over 2 years, so he decided to build it himself. Feel free to slide into his DMs.

Love what we’re doing? Interested in joining the team? Introduce yourself at joinus@wanderium.com.

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