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info-signAbout Argentina

Experience the charming, thrilling streetside tango, fall in love with its architectural heritage, and marvel at its natural wonders. Argentina is vibrant; it is magical and seductive!

Visit Buenos Aires, a city of the stylish, party-loving porteños, various finger-licking gourmet treats and delightful museums and art galleries. Explore this bustling metropolis, including the enchanting parks, centuries’ old stone facades and buzzing wayside food and ‘mate’ cafes.

Explore Córdoba, the Cultural Capital of the Americas, and artists and nature-lovers haven, or the wine city of Mendoza for a visit to bodegas (wineries). Still, whether you’re touring Argentina for the magic of the national sport futbol (soccer), or adventure, be sure you will be stunned.

Discover the harsh, humid Patagonian jungle down south, the endless pampa grasslands and the snow-capped Andes. Hop on a raft and head out to the spectacular Iguazú Falls – the planet’s biggest group of falls. For a little more dose of adventure, go sample the country’s wonderful variety of wildlife at Península Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage. If dying for an adrenaline-rush, give Glaciar Moreno a visit – even if just to watch the mammoth-sized icebergs cave in.

exchangeVisitor Requirements for United States citizens

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Visa needed before arrival?

Extendable up to 180 days

Allowed stay
How long you can stay as a tourist.
90 days
Passport blank pages minimum
Excludes the last signature page.
1 page
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Yellow fever vaccine
Recommended for all visitors (but not required for entry)
Yellow fever risk
Malaria risk
Yes, low risk
Zika risk
Tap water drinkable?
Based on whether the local government provides guarantees on tap water safety. This can vary by region within a country.
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Advisory Level
Level 1: Exercise normal precautions
Last issued a year ago
Foreigner friendly?
Yes, very
Female friendly?
LGBT legal protections
Some protections against discrimination
Traffic-related deaths
Per 100,000 people per year
Moderate (14)
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Argentine Peso ($)
Estimated cost
Average daily cost
$2,662 Argentine Pesos
Add a trip to see this in your home currency.
Is tipping generally expected?

Tipping in Argentina is seen as a reward for good service.

Taxi: 10%.

Hotel: 25-45 pesos for a porter.

Restaurants: 10%.

Tour guides: 150-300 pesos for a full-day guide.

Is there tax free shopping for visitors?

Tips on receiving your tax refund:

  • Bring your passport (digital copy on your phone works too)
  • Ask the store for the tax refund document
  • Keep the receipts
  • Don't open or use the products until leaving the country in case they need to be inspected
  • Get customs to stamp the form when you leave the country
  • Arrive early at the airport since the line to get the refund or getting stamps may be long
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220V, 50Hz

Although their plug Type I is the same as Chinese and Australia, Argentina's polarities are reversed. Shouldn't make a difference under normal circumstances though.

Wall plugs and sockets
Types C and I
Plug Type CPlug Type I
Calling code(s)
To use, add a + before the code when dialing.
Mobile internet speed
Average download speed
21 Mbps
Broadband internet speed
Average download speed
30 Mbps
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peoplePeople & Culture

Term for citizens of Argentina
Also known as demonym (trivia points if you knew that).
Official languages
Guaraní, Spanish
Primary visitor language
The popular local language a Western visitor should know to get around more easily.
Gender equality
73% equal (okay)
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drive-timeGetting Around

Driving side
Driving documents recognized
International Driving Permit (IDP) and Inter-American Driving Permit (IADP)
mobile-phoneServices available in Argentina
Ride Hailing
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Bikesharing & Scooters
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Public Transit Maps
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mapMap of Argentina

Map of Argentina

Cities in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, El Calafate, Mendoza, Córdoba, and more. Guides for each coming soon.

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